Conference dates:  September 27 - 28, 2022   Submission deadline:  September 05, 2022

NMC 2022 : A conference for the computational neuroscience community

After four successful conferences, Neuromatch is pleased to be holding our fifth. Each of our conferences has led the way in providing new innovations to the virtual conference space, and with this one we are consolidating successful initiatives from past editions.

Neuromatch Conference is focused on Computational Neuroscience broadly construed, its scope includes machine learning work that has an explicit biological link. The main series of talks will be hosted within Crowdcast. Instead of posters, we offer flash talks, which are brief pre-recorded videos, and dedicated meet up times for discussion on Reddit.

Registration & Submission

Registration date · Anytime before September 27, 2022
Submission deadline · September 05, 2022 | We welcome all abstracts from the computational neuroscience field.
Main Conference · September 27 - 28, 2022
Agenda · Available now on Agenda | Abstract Browser
Registration Fees · $15 | A fee waiver is available | Pay after registration on payment page
Kid sessions · For NMC for kids we will have a virtual escape room which will have videos and some code to learn about how we use computers and mathematics to model decision making in the brain (read more here).
Preprint initiative · Leverage various features of preprints and conference talks discussions to broaden the benefit of open scholarly resources (see more here). You can also watch last year’s NMC for kids session on “how we balance” here.
· @neuromatch with #nmc2022

Our goals

Simplify conferences, reduce meeting and travel costs
Reduce carbon emissions
Find new ideas or collaborators