We are bringing the Neuromatch community together by encouraging participants to form meetups: physical (or virtual/hybrid) groups that gather to watch and participate in the conference together. Think "watch party", but for science.

Any participant can volunteer to be a local host, and they themselves decide the meetup size and the facilities they provide. Note that the virtual infrastructure will remain the backbone of Neuromatch: participants can still join from their own kitchen/office/hammock.

Also, due to COVID restrictions, some places may not allow physical meetups. If you would like to host a virtual meetup, you can use this tool as well. Just indicate in the description that your meetup is virtual and you can distribute zoom links to people that join your meetup.

Some advantages

  • Massively reduced CO2 emissions, since most travel will be local (train/car/public transport)
  • Shorter/local travel makes it easier for people with travel restrictions (e.g. those with small children and other caregivers) to still attend in-person
  • Build local communities
  • In-person meetups may help increase engagement and reduce Zoom fatigue. They also can make it easier to carry the conference forward: before/after/during, local attendees can gather over food/snacks and continue the discussion.
  • Since the core of the meeting is still virtual, meetups can immediately be canceled or scaled-down, if the local COVID situation and health regulations change.

Host sign-ups

You can volunteer to be a host by providing detailed location, institution, capacity, and code of conduct (including security and health information). Neuromatch will approve each host, which should take a few days. Then we will list the meetup, allowing attendees to apply to join. The information for the meeting can be edited later, e.g. if your local COVID situation demands changes. You can also indicate if this will be a virtual meetup.

  • Hosting is minimal work; you book a lecture hall, turn on the Crowdcast stream, and hang out with the people who attend. All NMC-wide interaction is virtual (Crowdcast and Discord), so people can bring their own laptops/phones to engage during the meeting. It’s up to you how much more you want to do (food/drinks? socials? discussions? be creative)
  • You can be flexible with the timing: if NMC takes place very early/late in your timezone, take advantage of the virtual format and watch the content back later! For instance, in Europe you may want to start on Thursday morning to catch up on Wednesday’s late-night content.

Sign up for host

Register for host

  • Sign-up to be a host under your profile tab
  • Select location and provide detailed information (information, contact, etc.)
  • Wait for NMC organizers to accept your application
  • After your application is approved, attendees can join your meetups
  • Accept your attendees on your host page. NMC does not send out notify emails.
  • Contact them for more information

Attendees sign-ups

Neuromatch conference allows you to join a meetup near you. You can find all the listings of meetups and descriptions below. You fill out the form and click join if you are interested to join the local meetup. After that, you can wait for the host to accept (or reject). Note that the host may reject for multiple reasons such as full space, change in local COVID policy among others. Meetups can also be virtual, which means you would meet through Zoom or some other platform. This allows you to find people who live near you even though you may not be able to physically meet right now.

  • Look for available hosts near you under your profile tab

Join as attendee

  • Look and apply to the meetup you would like to join

Available meetups Join a meetup

  • Wait for the host to accept your application
  • Make communication with the host (via communication channel or information provided)

Recommendation: This is a community meetup and you should make sure that the location and the host look legitimate to you. If you find something strange, please send us an email to

Note: This is an early implementation for the local and virtual meetups. We ask that you only join one meetup during the conference. If you want to join another meetup, please to leave the current meetup and join another one. While we’re not going to explicitly police this, do keep in mind that if you sign up for two meetups you're potentially taking a spot from someone else, so please be considerate!