How to NMC for Kids

We at Neuromatch wish to open up science conferences to everyone and that is why we have included a session for kids and the young at heart. For this year’s NMC for Kids we will have a virtual escape room which will have videos and some code to learn about how we use computers and mathematics to model decision making in the brain. You can also watch last year’s NMC for kids session on “how we balance” here.

What is the age range for Neuromatch for kids session?

The talks are intended for an age range of 8 to 108 years old but younger and older can attend.

What date/time is the Neuromatch for Kids session?

This session will be pre-recorded and is able to be viewed asychronously from the conference.

Who can attend the Neuromatch for kids session?

The NMC for kids is open to everyone:

  • People who are attending the conference can watch with or without kids.
  • People who are not at the conference can watch with or without kids.
  • Teachers can watch with their classes.

How do I watch the talks?

You can take part in the escape room experience here: NMC For Kids - Escape Room

If I attend the talks can I ask questions?

  • Absolutely, the more questions the merrier, science is all about questions.
  • You can see the Questions that others are asking here: NMC For Kids - Q&A