NMC preprint linking initiative

Preprints and virtual conferences

At NMC, we are aiming to leverage various features of preprints and conference talks and attendee discussions to broaden the benefit of open scholarly communication activities and platforms for the neuroscience community.

List of NMC attendee preprint and journal article

Please see the complete list of all preprints and journal articles linked to submissions in the NMC conference program with a Preprint tag. We encourage attendees to read preprints provided by speakers before the talks and to discuss them after the talks. In collaboration with bioRxiv we have also created a channel dedicated to curation of Neuromatch Conference preprints hosted on bioRxiv and medRxiv. We will share this channel through a variety of means to the scientific audience in advance of the conference to increase attention to speaker preprints.

Attendee commenting on speaker preprints

We hope that everyone will have a chance to read these articles and comment on preprints following speaker presentations and discussion. We encourage commenting on NMC articles by attendees after discussions around talks at NMC. We also encourage attendees to read preprints provided by speakers before the talks, to discuss them and also to leave relevant constructive comments. We plan to collect comments from attendees and link these to speaker preprints whenever possible. We will curate these comments and post them anonymously on corresponding NMC preprints.

  • arXiv and OSF preprints: These preprint servers do not enable direct commenting on preprints. To comment, please create a hypothes.is account and download the Hypothes.is browser plug-in to post and view comments on these preprints. Readers can download a Hypothes.is browser plug in to view comments.

  • bioRxiv & medRxiv preprints: You can directly comment on preprints on these two servers using the DISQUS or Hypothes.is functionality visible on these servers on each preprint page enables direct commenting on these preprints.

  • Journal articles: Not all Journals enable commenting/annotation on articles. If an article linked to an NMC abstract is published on PLOS Computational Biology or eLife and you have comments after the talk linked to the article, please comment on/annotate the article. Example of an article annotated by the scientific community: ​​https://elifesciences.org/articles/48175

Linking or embedding of speaker recorded talk to their preprints

We will embed the speakers’ recorded Youtube talks to their preprints when possible to increase the visibility of their talk and preprint. This is possible for bioRxiv/medRxiv but not on the other preprint servers.